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The Versatile Fashion of Converse Boots

Converse All Star boots have been a staple in the footwear industry since they were first introduced in 1917. Over the years, they have evolved from simple basketball shoes to a versatile fashion accessory that can be worn in a variety of styles. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Leather is one such example of the brand’s evolving style. This article will discuss the different styles in which these boots can be worn and the outfits that can be paired with them.


  1. Chic and Casual For a chic and casual look, pair the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Leather with a LAUREN Ralph Lauren blazer, a Faherty Mariner sweater, faux leather easy trousers, and a Kurt Geiger London mini Kensington bag handle. This outfit is perfect for a lunch date or a casual day out with friends. The boots will add a touch of casualness to the blazer and trousers, making the look more relaxed.

  2. Bright and Trendy For a bright and trendy look, pair the boots with SMOKE X MIRRORS sunglasses, a MICHAEL Michael Kors two-button Mensy blazer, a Steve Madden Zelda top, and Joie jeans. This look is perfect for running errands or grabbing a coffee with friends. The boots will add a sporty touch to the look, while the blazer and sunglasses will keep it stylish.

  3. Cozy and Comfortable For a cozy and comfortable look, pair the boots with a Dale of Norway Alvøy hat, an FP Movement Jacquard Elevation Reversible, a Rip Curl Melting Waves sweater, and Norma Kamali Boot pants. This outfit is perfect for a cozy day in or running errands in colder weather. The boots will keep your feet warm, while the hat and sweater will keep you cozy.

In conclusion, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Leather boots are a versatile fashion accessory that can be worn in a variety of styles. Whether you’re going for a chic and casual look, a sporty and trendy look, or a cozy and comfortable look, these boots will add a touch of style to your outfit. So, go ahead and add these boots to your wardrobe and get ready to make a statement wherever you go.

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Karl Lagerfeld Paris Latest Collection Outfit

Karl Lagerfeld Paris is a fashion brand that offers a range of stylish and sophisticated clothing for fashion-forward individuals. The latest collection features a chic and modern outfit that is perfect for any occasion, whether you are heading to work or out for a night on the town.

The centerpiece of this outfit is the tweed plaid blazer, which adds a touch of sophistication and structure to the look. The blazer features a classic plaid pattern in a variety of colors, and is made from a high-quality wool blend that provides both comfort and warmth. The blazer is the perfect layering piece for cooler weather and can be worn over a variety of different outfits.

Pairing perfectly with the blazer is the Crossword logo white shirt, which adds a touch of modern style to the look. The shirt features a bold, graphic print on the front, and is made from a soft and lightweight cotton material that provides both comfort and breathability. The shirt can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

To complete the look, the black genuine leather cargo skirt adds a touch of edgy, urban style. The skirt is made from a soft and supple leather material, and features multiple pockets and zippers that add a touch of functionality to the look. The skirt can be dressed up or down, and is the perfect choice for a night out or a day of running errands.

Accessorizing the outfit is the blue camera bag, which adds a pop of color and a touch of whimsy to the look. The bag is made from a durable and high-quality material, and features multiple compartments and pockets that are perfect for storing all of your essentials. The bag is the perfect choice for on-the-go individuals who want to stay stylish and organized.

Finally, the black combat boot adds a touch of edgy, urban style to the look. The boot is made from a high-quality leather material, and features a sturdy and supportive construction that provides both comfort and stability. The boot is the perfect choice for individuals who want to add a touch of edge to their wardrobe, and can be worn with a variety of different outfits.

In conclusion, Karl Lagerfeld Paris is a fashion brand that offers a range of stylish and sophisticated clothing for fashion-forward individuals. The latest collection features a chic and modern outfit that is perfect for any occasion, and can be found in our catalogue and shop.

So why not shop the look today and elevate your style game?

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Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion Must-Haves for Your Wardrobe

Karl Lagerfeld is a luxurious brand that offers a range of fashion items with a contemporary and edgy aesthetic. The key pieces from this brand are the double face oversized plaid maxi coat, crystal trim raglan sleeve sweater, soft pant with logo waist tie black, Simone suede saddle crossbody, and Jeanne logo knit bootie. These items offer the following advantages:

  1. Double face oversized plaid maxi coat – This coat provides maximum warmth, style, and comfort. It’s perfect for those who want to look stylish on those cold winter days.

  2. Crystal trim raglan sleeve sweater – This sweater offers a unique and sophisticated look. The crystal trim adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.

  3. Soft pant with logo waist tie black – This pant is versatile and comfortable, making it perfect for everyday wear. The logo waist tie adds a touch of brand recognition to any outfit.

  4. Simone suede saddle crossbody – This crossbody is perfect for those who love to be hands-free. It’s also great for those who need a stylish bag for everyday use.

  5. Jeanne logo knit bootie – This bootie offers both comfort and style. The knit material is soft and warm, making it perfect for colder weather. The logo adds a touch of brand recognition to any outfit.

In conclusion, purchasing any of these items from Karl Lagerfeld can elevate your wardrobe and make you feel confident, stylish and sophisticated.

Shop total outfit here in our catalogue.

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Step Up Your Style Game with the Tommy Collection by Tommy Hilfiger

Looking stylish and fashionable has never been easier with the Tommy collection by Tommy Hilfiger. If you’re looking to elevate your fashion game, then buying Tommy Hilfiger clothes is the way to go. The brand offers a wide range of styles that are both trendy and timeless, making it easy to create a chic and sophisticated look.

One of the must-haves in the Tommy collection is the bold stripe puffer. This jacket not only keeps you warm but also adds a pop of color to your outfit. The bright stripes are sure to make you stand out in a crowd and show off your bold fashion sense.

Another must-have from the Tommy collection is the cropped logo waistband long-sleeve t-shirt. This shirt is perfect for a casual day out or for layering under a blazer for a more formal look. The logo waistband adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit, and the cropped length gives it a modern twist.

If you’re looking for something edgier, the faux leather overall is the way to go. This overall is perfect for a night out on the town or for a stylish office look. The faux leather material gives it a sleek and sophisticated look, while the overall style adds a touch of cool and trendy.

And to complete your look, pair your Tommy Hilfiger clothes with a classic pair of Chuck Taylor Converse boots. These boots are comfortable, stylish, and versatile, making them the perfect addition to any outfit.

With the Tommy collection, you can easily create a look that is both stylish and sophisticated. So why wait? Buy Tommy Hilfiger clothes today and start creating a look that is both bold and fashionable. Don’t forget, we also have a catalog of outfits that you can look through to get inspiration and ideas.

Start shopping now and create a look that you’ll love.

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Capsule Outfit: The Perfect Choice for Saving Money and Looking Stylish

Are you looking for a versatile and stylish outfit that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the capsule outfit! By choosing a capsule outfit, you can save money and look great at the same time.

Sport suit Tommy outfit

How a Capsule Outfit Can Save You Money

A capsule outfit is a collection of a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple different looks. By investing in a few high-quality, versatile pieces, you won’t need to constantly buy new clothes to stay trendy. This can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

The Pieces that Make up the Capsule Outfit

One of the key pieces of the capsule outfit is the Tommy collection flag cap. This stylish cap is a great way to add some personality to your look. The Tommy collection colorblock insulated popover is another must-have piece. It is a great layering piece that will keep you warm and stylish.

The Velour badge logo bodysuit is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. It can be paired with jeans, skirts or shorts. The Retro colorblock windpant is another versatile piece that can be worn with any style.

Finally, the Converse chuck boots are a great choice for any style. They are comfortable and easy to wear and fit any style. With this outfit, you can create hundreds of different looks, you can find in our catalog.

In conclusion, a capsule outfit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to save money and look stylish at the same time. With the right pieces, you can create multiple different looks that will last you for years to come. So, start building your own capsule wardrobe today and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer!

Find all pieces of the outfit here on our site

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Effortless Style: The Ultimate Outfit Featuring a Tommy Collection Coach Jacket, Cardigan, Cropped T-Shirt, Flared Leggings, and Converse Chuck Boots

Are you looking to elevate your style game? Look no further than this ultimate outfit featuring must-have pieces from the Tommy collection and Converse Chuck boots. Not only will you look effortlessly cool, but you’ll also enjoy the many advantages that come with choosing these high-quality clothes.

The Tommy Collection Coach Jacket: A Touch of Sophistication

The Tommy collection coach jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit. Made from durable and high-quality materials, this jacket will keep you warm and protected from the elements. The timeless design and attention to detail make it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

The Tommy Collection 85 Cardigan: Cozy and Warm

The Tommy collection 85 cardigan is the perfect layering piece for those chilly days. The soft and cozy material will keep you warm, while the classic design will add a touch of elegance to your look. It’s perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth without sacrificing style.

The Cropped Logo Baby T-Shirt: Playful and Fun

The cropped logo baby t-shirt is the perfect way to add a touch of playfulness to your outfit. The unique design and high-quality materials make it a must-have piece. The cropped fit is perfect for showing off your favorite high-waisted jeans or leggings.

The Flared Badge Leggings: Unique and Trendy

The flared badge leggings are the perfect way to add a unique and trendy touch to your look. The flared design and badge detailing make them a statement piece that will turn heads. The high-quality materials ensure that they’re comfortable and durable, making them perfect for all-day wear.

Buy Converse Chuck Boots: Edgy and Cool

Complete your outfit with a pair of Converse Chuck boots. These iconic shoes are a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual. The edgy design and high-quality materials make them perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Not only are they stylish, but they’re also comfortable and durable, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

In conclusion, this outfit featuring a Tommy collection coach jacket, cardigan, cropped t-shirt, flared leggings and Converse Chuck boots is the perfect combination of style and comfort. It’s perfect for any occasion and will keep you looking and feeling your best. Don’t miss out and buy it now.

All the links to retailers you will find in description on our website.

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The Top Fashion Trends That Will Inspire You This Summer

Summer is passing by, but there is always a reason to add some trendy pieces to your wardrobe. 

Please do not be afraid of experiments.

The season is characterized by alluring shapes, vibrant colors, and a desire to recapture a carefree lightness in our attire.


These are minis that the supermodels of the ’90s would’ve been proud to wear, with well over half of the thigh exposed beneath the brief slip of fabric.

The season’s most viral success was designed by Miu Miu, but choose super-statement hues, designs, or materials to make sure that even though your skirt is short, it still packs a powerful punch.


Forget about worrying about unsightly tan lines this season and embrace the straps, whether it’s a top with multiple straps across the shoulders and décolletage, pants with a strapped waistband crisscrossing across the belly, or even both. Even the ankle strap sandal with ties that wrap up towards your knees, a hallmark of retro accessories, is making a strong comeback.


Neon yellow appears to be one of the hottest colors this summer.  It looks especially spectacular when worn from head to toe. The look-at-me tone does look great as an accessories accent when combined with camel, taupe, or oatmilk tones, though, if you’re really afraid of it.


Suits may have fallen off the fashion radar for a while, but they are making a strong comeback this season. These outfits, which are stark white and have eye-catching elements like waist ties, contrast black hardware, and strong shoulders, should make the idea of going back to your commute much more pleasant. If you want something different than a traditional dress for your wedding, a trouser suit offers a stylish alternative.


Light fabrics and pretty pink shades – from pastel to candy, rose, and fuchsia – provide an interesting, playful point of difference in the fashion landscape for summer. Add as many ruffles, tulle underlayers, or pastel colors as you like. 


The pleated skirt is one of the most wearable trends this season. Keep an eye out for the pleated midi. Aside from that, there are no rules. Printed, plain, colorful, monochrome, paired with knits or a bralette – as long as it’s pleated, you’re set. This trend is without expiration date.


We all know that cut-outs are nothing new. But wherever they appear on an item, appear to be going nowhere fast, so you’d be wise to jump on board. From Christian Siriano to Nensi Dojaka, designers are slashing silhouettes so you can bare as much as you dare.


While tiny bags may still be popular as nighttime accessories, the biggest, bulkiest totes are sweeping the daytime handbag market this season.

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Capsule wardrobe PassionFashion 

The popularity of the capsule wardrobe has grown rapidly over the past few years, because modern people try to save time, money, and space, and capsule outfits allow the creation of dozens of stylish looks with a minimum of things. Also, this approach to clothing allows you to spend much less time thinking about the image. Thus, if you decide to reduce the number of things in the wardrobe and emphasize individual style, then it’s time to move on to creating a capsule.

Where to begin?

First of all, you need to decide how you want to look. This should be a more detailed description than just “pretty.” Style should match your way of thinking and lifestyle, and be as comfortable and appropriate as possible. Individual capsules can be created for work, daily walks, vacations, and parties. You do not have to look for brand new clothes in fashion stores, as most likely you already have some useful things for image creation. To find them, you need to say goodbye to unnecessary clothes in the wardrobe. There will probably be something that has not been worn for several years, jeans “for weight loss case”, a dress of dream that has long gone out of fashion, etc. These things can be sold, donated, or you can even tailor pillows of them (patchwork is still in vogue). If the thought of having to part with old things forever is too disturbing for you, just put them in a box and store them somewhere.

Basic principles of a capsule wardrobe

  • Image compatibility

A capsule should contain about 8-12 items that are well compatible with each other and are of the same theme or style. It is best to start with choosing one basic item – for example, a jacket or coat. Then choose the pants/jeans/skirt matching the style and color, and do the same with shirt/blouse, sweater/turtleneck, the shoes will be the finishing touch. For the beginning, it is enough to choose 4-5 items that are in perfect harmony with each other.

  • Color

Things do not have to be of the same color, as they can look boring and monotonous. It is enough to choose one range – warm or cold. Muted tones with bright accents – prints or accessories, shoes look very stylish. There should be no more than three such color accents, otherwise, the image becomes too variegated.

  • Quality

By buying 10 things, you get about 20-30 different looks, which means that you will wear many of them regularly, so quality should come to the fore. That is why it is better to choose clothes from trusted brands, or at least carefully read the labels of cheap ones.

  • How to assemble the perfect capsule?

It may be possible that the optimal image will not be created immediately, but with time you will learn how to select things in the same style, which will perfectly complement each other. On our site, you can find inspiration from a ready-made capsule package carefully selected by our experts.

Terms of purchase 

  • Delivery

To all outfits from PassionFashion you can find links to retail sites, and all the names of things are kept for you easier finding these items on your local sites. PassionFashion can earn some commission from your purchase.

  • Return money

All retailers are now in quarantine circumstances, but they still will try to return money to you as soon as possible (within 28 days usually), for any goods that did not suit you, if they are in a state for further resale. So do not hesitate in buying your favorite clothes for the reason of return difficulties – these are totally absent!

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H&M collaborates with italian Giuliva Heritage

Collaboration of H&M and Giuliva Heritage

We know, that H&M collaboraes for a long time with different trademarks of clothes from all over the world. This collaboration seems to be very fruitful. As a result, customers are snapping up cozy lookind outfits just as they arrive to the stores. This is not a hyperbole or our advertising trick. Because PassionfassionME really knows it. When you just settle down to play puzzle with outfits from new collection, you face that most of sizes are already gone!
This season H&M’s partner is Giuliva Heritage. Partners write a formula of their partnership as “Giuliva Heritage x H&M”. They probably mean that this is much more than Giuliva Heritage + H&M. We are waiting for this merge of sweeden and italiat style. Because our rewiewers are completely sure that this collection will be impressive and familiar at the same time. Customers as allways would appreciate that all pieces are compatible to a solid capsula look. And be sure we will rewiew the variants for you, dear subscribers. 

It is interesting, that Giuliva Heritage began from a love story between co-founders and so all cozy lookind outfits are inspired by love. It is a kind of soul insife your outfit, a bit of love you wear… So nice to realise it when put on your new jacket going to work or date. 
Recent collaboration of H&M and Klarna bank gave to the customers an opportunity of buy now, pay later, which was so necessary on the carantine.
Finishing H&M rewiew, we would like to respectfully notice, that Giuliva Heritage are doing their best in using recycled materials in many outfits. Let’s look good and save our planet.

More information about collaboration H&M and Giuliva Heritage, pieces of future collection by the link.

Our H&M outfits you can find here


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Our mission

The main reason, which drives you to online shopping nowadays, is requaired social distance. And our mission is to find for you familiar brands on the Internet stores. The most of retailers offer free delivery and even free returns for you not to hesitate buying clothes which will not fit properly. Passion Fassion sincerely suggest you the huge variety of outfits you have got used to wear and buy. Information about every brand we offer in our compositions you can find in our catalog of stores shipping and return plicies. We do our best to keep this catalog relevant, but you allways can find a direct link to the stores policies in the footer of each outfit.