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Capsule wardrobe PassionFashion 

The popularity of the capsule wardrobe has grown rapidly over the past few years, because modern people try to save time, money, and space, and capsule outfits allow the creation of dozens of stylish looks with a minimum of things. Also, this approach to clothing allows you to spend much less time thinking about the image. Thus, if you decide to reduce the number of things in the wardrobe and emphasize individual style, then it’s time to move on to creating a capsule.

Where to begin?

First of all, you need to decide how you want to look. This should be a more detailed description than just “pretty.” Style should match your way of thinking and lifestyle, and be as comfortable and appropriate as possible. Individual capsules can be created for work, daily walks, vacations, and parties. You do not have to look for brand new clothes in fashion stores, as most likely you already have some useful things for image creation. To find them, you need to say goodbye to unnecessary clothes in the wardrobe. There will probably be something that has not been worn for several years, jeans “for weight loss case”, a dress of dream that has long gone out of fashion, etc. These things can be sold, donated, or you can even tailor pillows of them (patchwork is still in vogue). If the thought of having to part with old things forever is too disturbing for you, just put them in a box and store them somewhere.

Basic principles of a capsule wardrobe

  • Image compatibility

A capsule should contain about 8-12 items that are well compatible with each other and are of the same theme or style. It is best to start with choosing one basic item – for example, a jacket or coat. Then choose the pants/jeans/skirt matching the style and color, and do the same with shirt/blouse, sweater/turtleneck, the shoes will be the finishing touch. For the beginning, it is enough to choose 4-5 items that are in perfect harmony with each other.

  • Color

Things do not have to be of the same color, as they can look boring and monotonous. It is enough to choose one range – warm or cold. Muted tones with bright accents – prints or accessories, shoes look very stylish. There should be no more than three such color accents, otherwise, the image becomes too variegated.

  • Quality

By buying 10 things, you get about 20-30 different looks, which means that you will wear many of them regularly, so quality should come to the fore. That is why it is better to choose clothes from trusted brands, or at least carefully read the labels of cheap ones.

  • How to assemble the perfect capsule?

It may be possible that the optimal image will not be created immediately, but with time you will learn how to select things in the same style, which will perfectly complement each other. On our site, you can find inspiration from a ready-made capsule package carefully selected by our experts.

Terms of purchase 

  • Delivery

To all outfits from PassionFashion you can find links to retail sites, and all the names of things are kept for you easier finding these items on your local sites. PassionFashion can earn some commission from your purchase.

  • Return money

All retailers are now in quarantine circumstances, but they still will try to return money to you as soon as possible (within 28 days usually), for any goods that did not suit you, if they are in a state for further resale. So do not hesitate in buying your favorite clothes for the reason of return difficulties – these are totally absent!

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