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Color trends predicted by artificial intelligence

The colors of the autumn. What they are? Let’s discover together the hottest color trends for your outstanding fashion looks. For sure, you know the famous Pantone Color Institute. The Institute forecasts seasonal color trends and appoints the color of the year. Pantone’s reports guide all fashionistas to the most important color trends.

Artificial intelligence is efficient on colors predicting.

There is one secret you should know to create your highly styled fashion looks this autumn. Experience the deep seasonal color trends analysis in collaborative report provided by Pantone and Heuritech platform. Heuritech is an innovative platform which uses the artificial intelligence tool to make a range of trend analysis for fashion industry and fashion lovers.

How it works?

The specially developed intelligence tool with color recognition function analysis the social media images of a big quantity consumers and influencers around the world. The received big data demonstrateswide range of color trends from macro to granular to fit the fashion professionals and trendy people.

So find below 5 color trends to include to your wardrobe asap.


Waterfall tone brings us back to the 80s, being bright iconic color of the era. Deep ultramarine green is deep and calming down. The color balances other tones of the palette. Misty jade brings sense of harmony and appeasement.

Source: Heuritech Report


Pastel colors remind childhood and springtime. Being warm and playful the soften looks and bring sense of safe side. Probably, the present world needs these sense most of all.

Earth Tones

Earth shades are the best couple for pops of color. For instance, try to pair earth tones with deep green color and you’ll get the perfect pairing for current fall.

Blue Tones

Bright pops of Bluebird blue tones are the brightest of the palette. Creating the outfits contrast them by more muted tones of marina and true blue.


Surprisingly pink tones including the wide veriety of tones become even more visible on social media during the fall.

So we wish you colorful fashion autumn and passion looks! Think about these five color groups for the inspiration and great fall shopping: mint, pastel, earth tones, blue tones, pink.

Source and pictures: Heuritech X Pantone Must Have Colors for Fall 2020 Report