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The essentials of capsule wardrobe

Do you want to enjoy your wardrobe? Then learn more about capsules.

The definition of “capsule wardrobe” appeared in the 70s. Susie Faux (the owner of the boutique) suggested that every wardrobe should be equipped with an actual set of basic clothing.

A capsule wardrobe is a group of items that allows you to create different looks. The capsule wardrobe contains the most basic clothes and can help you build a daily closet. Generally, you can use capsule items to create an overall look. To make a choice, you can combine capsules with seasonal trends or fast-fashion things.

The capsule wardrobe must contain 10 essentials.

  1. Outwear: trench coat, coat, denim jacket or something heavier. It should be one or several pieces of high quality
  2.  Leather jacket (vegan leather): it shows style and can improve any regular appearance.
  3.  Button shirts. Don’t feel super corporatized. Invest in several different colors. Choose neutral colors: white, black, navy, brown, beige.
  4. A suit that fits you perfectly.  It can be darker neutral (black or gray) or lighter neutral (beige or cream). Break this suit into a suit jacket and black pants or pencil skirt, and you can wear it in a variety of ways outside of the work closet.
  5. Knitwear. You will need a cardigan and a pullover.
  6. T-shirt. Choose your favorites without any restrictions.
  7. Denim.  Find the perfect fit of jeans and buy them in two colors-black and blue for example.
  8. Footwear. You will need white sneakers and a pair of shoes for special occasions. If you want high heels or more athletic shoes, you can add these items to this list.
  9. Belt. Pay attention to accessories. The statement belt has nothing to do with function; it’s about fashion. Find something you know will wear for years.
  10. A dress. Pay attention to simple classic silhouettes (such as A-line dresses), high-quality materials and colors to make your face brighter and fresher.

When creating a capsule wardrobe, choose simple components. Remember, they are the foundation of your closet.

1. Try everything. Everyone’s body shape is different, so it’s important to find something that really fits your body and feels comfortable.

2. Select “Mute Color”. This is your foundation. Keep your capsule collection very neutral, because the colors in it will never go out of style.

3. Invest in high-quality works. Capsule items are things that will never go out of style.

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